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MCset and PIX:

two ranges covering MV applications up to 24 kV

Bringing improved performance to any MV installation

The experience of a leader in MV distribution


Reliability, safety, simplicity – whether vacuum or SF6 withdrawable circuit breaker is your preferred technology, these are key elements to look for in any MV switchgear.


Air-insulated switchgear gives you the advantages of:

> continuity of service for your networks

> enhanced safety for your staff and operations

> optimised investment throughout the life of your installation

> the potential to integrate your MV switchboard in a monitoring and control system.


Introducing MCset and PIX switchgear

MCsetTM (SF6 withdrawable circuit breaker) and PIXTM (vacuum withdrawable circuit breaker) switchgear bring you the best of both worlds, providing enhanced safety, simplicity, and reliability you can depend on.


A trusted provi der of MV equipment

As the Global Specialist in Energy ManagementTM, Schneider ElectricTM brings you the benefit of a proven track record of performance and extensive industry experience. Additionally, for all customer applications, we provide:

> pre-engineered and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific requirements,

> significantly reduced maintenance, and

> local support centres throughout the world.


We also provide both SF6 and vacuum withdrawable circuit breaker options to ensure we meet any and all MV switchgear requests.


A comprehensive air-insulated switchgear solution

Introducing the reliable and easy-to-use MCset and PIX MV ranges


Both MCset and PIX switchgear provide exceptional performance and outstanding reliability, helping to ensure service continuity for your networks with proven technology that’s both easy to use and to maintain.

Together, these switchgear represent a comprehensive MV solution for all electrical distribution applications up to 24 kV. And, with industry reputations for quality and reliability, they bring added peace of mind to the operator of any installation.



> Operations and indications are concentrated on the front of the switchgear

> Racking in and out is only possible with the door closed

> The earthing switch has making capacity

> Internal arc withstand developed for most of the functional units

> Designed with environmental protection in mind


> A clear user interface which is easily understood

> Interlocks and padlocks preventing operator errors

> Easy on-site control & monitoring

> Limited and simple maintenance for years

> Easy installation thanks to compactness and similar design



> The design, manufacturing, and testing are carried out according to ISO 9001 quality standard

> Design is ensured by advanced computer modeling techniques

> In accordance with main IEC standards as 62271-200 as well as standards specific to individual countries and applications

> Type testing is also carried out in accordance with main IEC standards

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